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Recycling is one of the core elements of a sustainable civilization. It is especially relevant in the field of precious metals since their extraction from ores has a tremendous ecological impact. Furthermore, only a few spots around the globe contain truly rich ores, which impacts the security of the supply chain.

However, recycling is not a straightforward endeavour as well. In order to make rational decisions at every step of the recycling process it is paramount to know the composition of the material in question as soon and as precisely as possible. And we are here to help you!

About us

Established in 2016, UAB Metralis laboratory provides analytical services for companies from all around the globe.

Long term experience, cooperation with the world’s largest precious metal refiners, cutting-edge laboratory equipment and unparalleled technical expertise allow us to offer impeccable service and guaranteed precise results.


Our company offers precious metal (Pt, Pd, Rh, Au, Ag) content determination by ICP-OES. All samples undergo customized preparation prior to ICP-OES, therefore we can reliably determine precious metal content in:

Automotive catalytic converters

Industrial catalysts

Metallurgy waste and metal alloys





The final step of each analytical sequence is performed on „PerkinElmer Avio 200“ and „PerkinElmer Avio 500“ ICP optical emission spectrometers.

For best results, every sample is matrix-matched to calibration standards by mechanical, thermal and/or chemical means according to the most stringent international standards.

Why choose us?


turnaround time

Our highly experienced staff will hand-pick the most efficient method for Your material.

Highest work

Continuous improvement of the employed analytical methods ensures the best quality of the produced results.


By collaborating with our clients and equipment manufacturers alike, we keep constant track of the development in the sector and expand our capabilities accordingly.


All of the above-mentioned advantages allow us to offer our services at an extremely competitive price point.

We will help you to make more money

Based on our long-term experience and feedback from our clients, we believe that we can help You to lower Your exposure to financial risk, that You might be exposed to when collaborating with your partners and/or refiners.


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